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Timber Frames and Homebuilders, LLC



At Godden Timber Frames, we specialize in traditionally crafted, heirloom quality timber framed structures. Timber frames provide sustainable natural beauty, making your house a home. With our help, and the natural beauty of timber frames, we can carve the home or building of your dreams. Think outside of the box, and live there. 

Crafted not Built

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Custom Design 

Your design or ours, we work with homeowners while providing sustainable and energy efficient  building practices.  In addition to timber framing, we have a thorough understanding of all aspects of building, including framing, finish carpentry, milling and landscaping.   Additionally timber frame consulting and instruction services are also available.

Our frames begin by harvesting

 timber using sustainable methods

from local forests.  Traditional square rule and scribe rule methods are used for laying out joinery.  Mortises and tenons are carved using mostly hand tools that include chisels, ads, axes and saws. Various finishes are avalible such as hand hewn, hand planed, oiled and rough sawn. 

Forest to Frame


We have constructed many barns and homes throughout the last 20 years.

RJPS Barn 3/4 view
RJPS Living Room
Our work


Godden Timber Frames was created and is owned by Neil Godden.  

Neil received his degree in Civil Engineering from the University at Buffalo in 1996. Combining his love for wood with his engineering degree, he discovered timber framing.  He then worked as an apprentice under master builder, Jack Sobon, using only hand tools for 3 years.  Neil has utilized his knowledge of the traditional timber framing craft combined with current advances in energy efficient building systems to form his company. Neil has designed and crafted many timber frame structures including sheds, pavilions, homes and barns.

As an experienced timber framer, Neil enjoys sharing his knowledge and techniques for this time tested building form.  He often works with homeowners who are interested in participating in the carving of the timber frame
(at various levels).  Neil enjoys instructing Cruck Framing classes with Jack Sobon
at the Heartwood school in the Berkshires.  More recently he was the project
manager for the Timber Framers Guild for their community building project in Schuylerville, NY.

Neil demonstrates passion in all the things he builds. He owns a portable band saw mill and is happy to offer milling services as an extension of his business.

He is a lifetime member of the Timber Framers Guild
and a licensed contractor supervisor.


Neil resides in the foothills of the Berkshires with his wife and two children.

Their home was built with timbers harvested with oxen from the property.
Neil enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, going to the beach
and playing sports with his kids. 


More Coming Soon!



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